Storage Industrial Estate


Millpark Estate

Is there a minimum rental period for industrial/commercial space?

Our leases and agreements are flexible – month to month is the shortest period we offer. Bear in mind that as a rule of thumb, the longer the agreement or lease, the cheaper the rate.

What can I do in Mill Park’s industrial/commercial space?

Mill Park Estate has is zoned industrial, so is free from the noise and time restrictions associated with Residential Zoning. We currently cater for large scale manufacturers and retailers right down to small one man hobbyists. The industrial space would also be the best bet for bulk or long term storage as well as any warehousing needs. As long as your activities are it is within the law, all is good.

How secure is the space?

At the change of each tenancy, we re-barrel each lock where applicable, and ensure the space is as safe from forced entry as possible. It is up to the individual tenant to install alarms and other security features such as cameras should they feel the need. We check and maintain the industry standard fire sprinklers, fire hoses and fire extinguishers as part of our building Warrant of Fitness requirements.

Who else has access to my space?

It is standard procedure for Mill Park Estate management to hold a spare key to each tenancy. This is so Management can enter in cases of emergency and attend to any routine maintenance that may need done. Tenants are notified prior to entry.

Who is responsible for the maintenance or for damage to the tenancy?

It is the responsibility of the tenant to rectify any damage they cause directly to the tenancy. It is the landlords responsibility to correct any damage caused by normal wear and tear to the building (things like doors, roofs and fire sprinklers). It is the Landlords responsibility to keep the building suitable for its intended use.

Who maintains the toilets?

Some tenancies have their own toilets located in the tenancy itself, in those situations it is usually up to the tenant to maintain the toilets and stock the toilet supplies. If your tenancy does not have a toilet, there are toilet blocks onsite that are serviced and stocked by Mill Park Staff.